Welcome to Neo-Juice! with Kathy Wolstenholme

Neo-Juice! is an easy, highly enjoyable body mind experience that enables you to refresh and transform your mind, through your body. There is no prerequisite level of fitness necessary – nor a particular flair for dancing – the movements are very simple. You can boost your performance in any aspect of your life through experiencing the 7 Neo-Juice! skills with Kathy Wolstenholme.

Body Mind Intelligence
Who doesn’t need to learn how to GROUND, PAUSE, CENTER, ENGAGE, BALANCE, INTEGRATE and RELEASE in their personal and professional lives? WE ALL DO…


Introducing Kathy

As a consummate teacher and confident, down-to-earth guide, Kathy Wolstenholme transfers her well-grounded skills and soaring knowledge so seamlessly that all you might recall of your Neo-Juice! experience was that you had so much fun. Yet, the spin-offs of Kathy’s light-hearted, mindful body mind training can resonate positively throughout your life. Kathy is an engaging Motivational Mover, Corporate Entertainer and a Professional Presenter who delights in inspiring you to move your body to benefit your mind, and your life…


Neo-Juice! Experiences

Neo-Juice! offers empowering, unique body mind experiences, ranging from bright, brief opening acts that stimulate receptivity to extended interventions that entrench the 7 essential body mind skills. Filled with humour and set to music, Kathy’s Neo-Juice! experiences are fun and invigorating, entertaining and transforming.
Neo-Juice! caters to people of all ages and fitness levels. Presentations and workshops are easily tailored to suit small or large groups. You can learn how to think through your body to move your mind…


Who Needs Juice?

A Neo-Juice! experience is ideal for:

  • Conferences & meetings
  • Corporate events & wellness programmes
  • Change management initiatives
  • Team-building events
  • Promotions & flash mobs
  • Parties & celebrations
  • Women’s groups
  • Schools & Youth Development
  • Professional development of leaders, educators, coaches and medical practitioners
  • High Performance Individuals

Neo-Juice! for You
Find out more about how customised Neo-Juice! body mind training can enhance your events, presentations, programmes, promotions or parties…