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13 02, 2015

Rock Your Life Mastery Weekend (6-8 March 2015)

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Last year I met some very cool people.  An international group, called Rock Your Life, invited me to speak at their Life Mastery Retreat. What a stunning bunch of people. They operate in 20 countries running programs that assist people to change perspective, obtain what they truly want in life whether it be prosperity, […]

13 02, 2015

A Star Lion Journey (22-27 May 2015)

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White Lion Adventure with Juice!
I’m thrilled to announce that I will be a special guest presenter with animal communicator, Wynter Worsthorne at Star Lion Journeys in Tsau! Conservancy in Greater Timbavati (west of Kruger Park).  Wynter explains the practicalities of interspecies communication, combining ancient knowledge with modern day practices.  Kathy uses the 7 juice! skills […]

6 02, 2015

Love – A Question of Balance

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Love Part 2 is a not about love for family, friends, animals, vocation or any other wonderful, beloved annoyances. It’s about intimate partnership, in my case called “marriage”, and the “joys” that come from that: sharing a bed and bodily functions for starters.

Songs and poems cover the intense joy and sorrow of love, and […]

1 02, 2015

Communicating with Our Animal Nature

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I will be giving juice! workshops in Noordhoek starting next Sunday, 08 February.  Join me for 1 or all 5 sessions as we explore our primal body and refining our natural energy.  The focus of the sessions is Healing.

For the past few newsletters I’ve been covering Metamedicine’s
4 stages of the disease process:
conflict shock
conflict active

I’m […]

1 02, 2015

Conflict Active

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“A chronic disease or a perpetuated problem has to become acute to be healed.” Thomas Huebl

Like people who wrestle with the label, “addict”, I‘m uncomfortable identifying myself as a “breast cancer survivor”. Even writing the word “SURVIVOR” feels like tempting fate. And applying “survivor” to an experience like mine dishonours the people who have […]

28 01, 2015

CONFLICT SHOCK – when juice stops flowing

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“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”
– Plato

Nobody is relaxing

I’m flying to Florida tomorrow to be with my mother who’s not well. As I pack for the trip, I ask Pumla – the ‘practical magic’ woman who works in our house – if she and I seem to have more […]

13 01, 2015

Rock your Life

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Hi there everyone and welcome to 2015.
Don’t you find it interesting how so many people welcome in the new year and then slip into the same old routines as the last year? Well this year is going to be different.
David and I have sold the house we’ve lived in for 13 years and we’re moving to Noordhoek! […]

2 01, 2015

Resolution – Phase 3

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Resolution 2007
8 years ago AD (after diagnosis):  
No radiation
No chemo
Go thru lumpectomy like robot
Don’t give the tumour any meaning
Tell people when they piss you off and when you love them
Renounce useless guilt
Write a book about working with emotions through the medium of body movement
Have mind-blowing sex
Today: Resolution 2015
“Turn attention away from circumstances
Listen for the music […]

11 03, 2014

Neo­‐JuicEQ! – Durban (14-15 June 2014)

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Think through the Body to Move the Mind (and Heart)

Please join us for a highly enjoyable weekend experience linking Kathy’s 7 body mind Juice skills with Liz’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ) insights.

EQ concepts are injected with the 7 masterful sensations through easy movements and exercises.


7 03, 2014

Pringle Bay Juice! Workshop – 12 April 2014

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