juice-7-skillsWelcome to my very first post on the Neo-Juice! blog. I am the creator of the body-mind work, I call Neo-Juice! which presents 7 skills that are essential for deepening the body-mind connection. In 2012, I wrote the book juice! which provides great detail and illustration of these 7 skills. It is my intention now to share that content with you here on this blog. The 7 skills – GROUNDING, PAUSING, CENTRING, ENGAGING, BALANCING, INTEGRATING and RELEASING -recharge our bodies, and juice up our attitude and thinking. Consciously applied, they help us to squeeze the very best out of life.

Movement recharges our bodies, just as a car battery is recharged by driving. A lack of motion stifles our vitality. Your body wants and needs movement. It actually doesn’t care about being thin or having showy muscles. What it wants is to feel energized and fresh; feelings that arise spontaneously through conscious movement.

Without awareness, energy lies either un-awakened, or it courses through us chaotically. This idea is far from new – many ancient paths to wisdom such as tai chi and yoga have emphasized the vital role that movement plays in self-realization. Practising and mastering the 7 Neo-Juice! skills give us the power to store, organize, circulate, direct and use our energy to its full capacity. By applying the 7 skills in our life we enhance our composure, intuition, relaxation, creativity, vigour and performance.

The body-mind connection
Much is made of the mind-body connection, but Neo-Juice! challenges the efficiency of this concept and proposes instead that we take the easier, joyful path of transforming the mind through the body. Our bodies and minds need to be intimately connected – and the body is the fastest route to transformation. Your body doesn’t make up stories. Your body has no beliefs. While our minds are so busy reworking our pasts and agitating our futures, our bodies are resolutely present, giving us the simple and honest gauge of ‘what is’.

The body-mind effects of the 7 skills are:

body mind
When I am GROUNDED I am connected
When I PAUSE I absorb
When I am CENTRED I concentrate
When I am ENGAGED I am stimulated
When I am BALANCED I am strong
When I INTEGRATE I am whole
When I RELEASE I am held