Plug into Potent Juice!

Kathy Wolstenholme tailors her compelling Neo-Juice! presentations and workshops to suit each client’s individual requirements. Whether it’s pure entertainment or powerful motivation, team-building connections or heightened awareness, brand-building or client receptivity that you want activated in your target audience, Kathy is able to achieve your goals in a way that is filled with fun, and powerful, flowing energy!

The 7 body mind skills of Neo-Juice! are life and leadership skills that empower you to break habits and release limiting beliefs, transform and enhance your emotional intelligence, navigate change gracefully and ignite your courage!


Listen to and watch Kathy here, as a co-presenter on The Women’s Show:
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Neo-Juice! Experiences



Kathy offers customised Neo-Juice! workshops that are well-suited to corporate wellness programmes, employee engagement and team-building efforts, women’s and social groups, youth and school groups. Neo-Juice! engages people of all ages, and there’s no particular level of fitness or dancing expertise required. Workshops of varying durations can be staged for small or large groups.
> UPCOMING: Pringle Bay Juice! Workshop – 12 April 2014


Motivational Mover

Kathy is a professional Presenter and Entertainer who delivers all the potency of Neo-Juice! as an opening act for a performance or as a refresher during a conference or other seated events. Using humour and music, Kathy captivates audiences and inspires them. She effortlessly raises the energy in a room, increases focus and attention, and enhances the receptivity of your audience.


Professional Development

The 7 skills of Neo-Juice! that access the body’s intelligence, are essential skills for high performance and personal development. An experience of Neo-Juice! holds a valuable place in the curricula for the professional development of educators and counsellors, conventional and holistic medical practitioners, life and business coaches, as well as all types of leaders.


Special Interest Groups

Neo-Juice! experiences add great value to the wellness functions and events of special interest groups, including stress, depression, perimenopause, sexuality, diabetes, high blood pressure and eating disorders. As a breast cancer survivor, Kathy presents the potential for healing through body mind intelligence with authority and empathy.


Promotions and Events

A Neo-Juice! experience at an occasion such as an Expo, sporting or community event provides your target market with an innovative, interactive encounter that lifts their spirits, and increases their receptivity and enjoyment. For a business, Kathy can train and lead your staff in a performance such as a flash mob heightening the connection between customers, employees and your brand.



A whole-hearted, profound Neo-Juice! experience is ideal for a fund-raising event for charities and schools! Kathy engages audiences with great authenticity and humour, inspiring receptiveness and connection in people, and creating a genuine and generous atmosphere. Neo-Juice! presentations at charity events can be tailored to suit your programme.


Parties and Celebrations

Kathy’s invigorating, humorous Neo-Juice! presentations are a novel, fun way of livening up parties, increasing joyfulness and connection between guests. It is a perfect way to create unforgettable hen parties, bridal teas and special ‘girls’ occasions. A vibrant Neo-Juice! presentation works as well for a smaller, intimate group, as it does at a larger social gathering.