Who Needs Juice?

Many of us would be delighted to have a little bit more juice in life! Empowering Neo-Juice! presentations and workshops are body mind experiences that range from bright, brief opening acts that stimulate receptivity to extended interventions that entrench the 7 body mind skills.

Filled with humour and set to music, Kathy’s Neo-Juice! experiences are fun and invigorating, entertaining and transforming. Neo-Juice! caters to people of all ages and fitness levels. Presentations and workshops are easily tailored to suit small or large groups.


A Neo-Juice! experience is ideal for:

  • WOM_4777Events Organisers – Visually appealing, high in energy and set to wonderful music, Neo-Juice! presentations make for engaging entertainment on the stages at Expos, sporting and community events. Previously, Kathy has performed at major Cape Town exhibitions such as the Natural and Organic Expo, the Women’s Show and the Look & Feel Good Expo.
  • Corporates – Neo-Juice! will help to liven up your conferences and meetings; increase employee engagement and wellness; foster emotional intelligence; support change management; build strong and effective teams; raise work performance levels; revitalise your promotions and flash mobs; add flair and authenticity to your business celebrations. Kathy has presented Neo-Juice! to Pearson SA, the Cold Press Media Sales Team, Radio 2000’s annual conference and the SABC 3 Quarterly Review.
  • High Performance Individuals – Kathy is available to privately train people who want to boost their personal, professional and physical performance by learning and practising body mind skills.
  • Leaders, Coaches, Educators, Counsellors and Medical Practitioners – Neo-Juice! will enhance your professional development and increase your knowledge of the body mind intelligence when you have the first-hand experience of embodying the 7 skills – GROUNDING, PAUSING, CENTRING, ENGAGING, BALANCING, INTEGRATING and RELEASING. Previously, Kathy has presented Neo-Juice! to the Young President’s Organisation, Western Cape Education Department’s Curriculum staff, the Catholic Welfare Development for Emerging Leaders and Rape Crisis Counsellors.
  • Women – Neo-Juice! will support your personal and professional development; add rich value to your lifestyle; further your health and fitness goals; foster emotional intelligence; raise self-esteem; boost your moment by moment enjoyment of life; entertain you and your girlfriends at hen parties, bridal teas and other special occasions. Kathy has presented to a range of women and girls including those from Herschel’s Girls School and SAWENG (South African Women in Engineering), as well as the guests at the fund-raising SACS Mothers’ Breakfast.
  • Youth – the 7 skills of Neo-Juice! are Life Skills that can be easily and enthusiastically learned at a young age, providing lifelong benefits. Young people, especially those at-risk, find great advantages in understanding how to shift their emotional states through physical movement. Neo-Juice! promotes healthy self-esteem, healthy independence and healthy lifestyles. Amongst others, Kathy has successfully presented Neo-Juice! at Herschel Girls School and EE Friends (Environmental Education Friends).
  • Charity Events – With a keen focus on the positive affirmation of life, Kathy’s Neo-Juice! presentations are well-aligned to social development organisations. She has previously performed at fund-raising events such as the CANSA Annual Convention with Marc Lottering and 800 guests, Pollsmoor Prison with 200 inmates, the SACS Mothers’ Breakfast with 200 guests, Hot Flash Havoc with Dr Eve and 150 people, and for the Anton Lubowski Educational Trust with Nik Rabinowitz.