Gary WolstenholmeYou might be familiar with words used by the South African rugby referees from 2007-2013 to command the scrum: Crouch–Touch–Pause–Engage. In a similar way, the 7 skills of Neo-Juice! are high-definition points of awareness that create body mind awareness.

For example, I used to be ‘all over the place’ when I played miniature golf with my family. I’d take six shots to sink the ball at each hole. These days, I can beat my golfer husband. And I do it simply by working through the seven skills like a checklist. Applying this series of energetic focus points has stopped my mental ‘yadda yadda’. I used to think: ‘I don’t know how to do this; I’ve never been taught golf; I won’t be able to do it’.

Now, I use my mind as a secondary coach. Instead of allowing it to over-think, over-control and overwhelm my actions, I make my mind meet the action that my body initiates.

The seven key words connect me to subtle, yet powerful, energetic states:

I ground my body, and settle my feet purposefully;

I pause to steady my nerves, and ‘take in the field’;

I tune into the deep base of my centre, and consciously engage the correct, subtle touch for the specific shot;

I balance my body systemically;

I integrate with the ball instead of hacking at it;

and I release for a relaxed follow-through and a winning putt.

If the 7 Neo-Juice! skills can do this for my social game of miniature golf, imagine what they can do for you out there on the championship golf course!

This is what Gary Wolstenholme, MBE British Amateur Golf Champion and Senior PGA professional had to say: “The 7 words used in Neo-Juice! are very reminiscent of what a golf coach would say in a presentation to a pupil in golf. In particular, these words are very relevant to advanced players. As you suggest, all the individual aspects must be co-ordinated in a specific way for a golfer to get the optimum result.

The first premise of Neo-Juice! is that the body’s performance is improved by clarifying and refining our energy, the state of our being. Not only do we improve performance in many sports through physical repetition (such as lifting weights or timing laps), we can also improve our life performance by using the 7 skills as ‘bullet points’ of awareness.

The second premise of Neo-Juice! is that, since our psyches are the inward expression of our bodies, by activating the 7 skills, we positively affect our mind and emotions. The 7 skills capture the nuances of the body mind connection in everyday life, making moving with purpose modern-day alchemy!

Juice Truth!…We can think through the body to move the mind