Hi there everyone and welcome to 2015.

Don’t you find it interesting how so many people welcome in the new year and then slip into the same old routines as the last year? Well this year is going to be different.

David and I have sold the house we’ve lived in for 13 years and we’re moving to Noordhoek! It’s weird, but I like being forced to look at every aspect of life and create a different routine.  I think when we do that, we grow, we advance and we get closer to our passions and purpose for being on this planet.

Also new:  last year I met some very cool people.  An international group, called Rock Your Life, invited me to speak at their Life Mastery Retreat. What a stunning bunch of people. They operate in 20 countries running programs that assist people to change perspective, obtain what they truly want in life whether it be prosperity, a relationship, building a stronger business or career or even find purpose. They are award winning and have worked with people at many levels all over the world.

This year their Life Mastery program is 6 – 8 March in Cape Town. They have asked me to be an integral part of it. I accepted readily. They even offered me a couple of heavily discounted tickets for my friends and clients. It’s normally R6,995 to attend the three days incl. food and materials, yet I have a very limited number of tickets for just R2,995. The offer stands until 18 February.

So click on the link and have a look at what we will be doing. I think you will find it just wonderful, especially if you don’t want to keep repeating the same old mistakes, or if you have some challenges you would love to get sorted and get a clear head and heart

(If you would like to book please enter “Kathy” where it says ‘promotional code’.)


If you are skeptical or want to know more about what will be covered, I will be on a webinar with Mike Handcock, the Chairman of Rock Your Life (and a great guy) on the 17th of February at 7pm SA Time. For about 45 mins we will be discussing how people can really change their 2015, using quantum physics and energy awareness that connects body and mind which in turn rocks your life.  You can join that webinar here. If you have never been on a webinar – neither have I, so it will be fun.


PS: Three reasons to join us for the Webinar

  • I will be sharing new insights and uses of the 7 skills that add energetic juice! to motion and emotion in what is sure to be a busy 2015
  • Mike Handcock will be sharing how he uses and teaches the basis of quantum physics that show people ways to get where they want to go super fast
  • Mike & I look at the 3 top things holding YOU back from achieving the greatness you really want

White Lion Adventure with Juice!

I’m also thrilled to announce that I will be a special guest presenter with animal communicator, Wynter Worsthorne at Star Lion Journeys in Tsau! Conservancy in Greater Timbavati (west of Kruger Park).  Wynter explains the practicalities of interspecies communication, combining ancient knowledge with modern day practices.  Kathy uses the 7 juice! skills to prepare body and mind for the experience. Getting into the “soft animal of your body”  takes you deeper into animal nature.

Friday, May 22 -Wednesday May 27

Accommodation is shared in rondavels at the lion camp.

Check out the full explanation of our itinerary and details


Dance is used for many purposes – all of them positive!  In the old days there were massive migrations along exactly the same migration paths year after year.  The animals were actually migrating along powerful ley lines and reacted as if the earth is singing to them.  These migrations vibrated the earth.  Nowadays the natural migration paths have been disturbed, so we need to dance.  By dancing you scratch the earth where it is always itchy!!  Through movement the earth comes alive, heals itself and in turn heals you!

Credo Mutwa